Full-day elective classes co-op
9:30am - 2:00pm in Gahanna

Learning & exploring together​

  • Secular, community focused
  • Parent-led elective classes and activities
  • Multiple class options each hour, ranging from topics like cooking and art to forensic science and geography
  • Teen-focused classes and social time
  •  Interactive preschool program for ages 1-3
  • Introducing our Sprouts program, for ages 4-5 with specialized activities to help transition from preschool into more structured class activities.

Our emphasis is on developing lasting, authentic friendships and engaging our children through educational experiences.



We meet at a church in Gahanna.

Each semester there is a new class schedule that is chosen by families in co-op based off of child interests and parent skills.  Class listings are released a few weeks before the semester begins (typically late August for Fall semester and late January for Spring semester).

Yes, this is a full day program which requires everyone participating to run smoothly. 

We require a responsible adult to remain on premises all day and particpate in the co-op.

We encourage all parents to consider leading a class, or to team up with another parent to lead, but it is not required. All parents will be involved in helping, and each parent may choose what they prefer to do.

Yes!  Your children are always welcome to be with you, wherever you are.

Our membership fee is per family regardless of the number of children.

We value our co-op and the efforts put in by our parents to run a successful and engaging semester, therefore we do have an attendance policy.  Missing more than 2-3 class days per semester would be disruptive to the schedule and unnecessary absences are strongly discouraged.

You can click here for more detailed information about how Mondays work.

We would love to hear from you!

Please feel free to reach out if you’d like more information, or have any questions for us.