Freedom Homeschool Alliance

A secular, community-focused co-op based in central Ohio.

Our emphasis is on developing lasting, authentic friendships and engaging our children through educational experiences.

About Us

Why another homeschool co-op?

This group was created simply so we could give it back to YOU. We strive to provide a network of support and encouragement to every type of homeschooling family. Only you know the best way to teach your children, and we respect and support everyone’s unique approach. 

We are secular, in that we do not subscribe to any particular religion, nor will we ever require a statement of faith to join. Most importantly, we uphold and celebrate each individual’s medical and Constitutional freedoms, and will always honor those rights.

The ultimate goal of our co-op is to combine our collective experiences, thoughts, strengths and talents to provide the most valuable educational experience for our children, while also nurturing deep, lasting friendships among both children and adults. We want everyone to feel valued within our community.

Our Programs

Check out what we have to offer to the Central Ohio homeschool community!


A full-day, elective classes co-op with full family participation.


Casual, child-led outdoor exploration, focusing on fresh air, nature & building friendships.


Field trips, park days, Mom's Nights Out and so much more! Open to families enrolled in our Monday and Wednesday programs.

We would love to hear from you!

Please feel free to reach out if you’d like more information, or have any questions for us.